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10 Ways To Make A Good First Impression


10 Ways To Make A Good First Impression

Making a good first impression can open many opportunities – new friendship, new relationships and can be vital when attempting to exceed further in your career. First impressions also come in many different situations and scenarios, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a one size fits all approach to making a good one. In this post we’re sharing our ten ways to make a good first impression.


Understanding the importance of making a good first impression beyond the end goal, will enable you to have a more natural approach to making one. You only get one shot at that first impression so having a good understanding of the importance of that is vital to your success.


There is not one single person on the planet that is exactly like you, you are unique and you should own it. Being yourself allows you to be more comfortable and connect with people genuinely, instead of opting for a fake front that over time will wear off.


Giving people eye contact is one of the most important elements in a good first impression. Maintaining good (non creepy) eye contact with the person you are communicating with will show them that you are engaged and actually interested in what they are saying to you.


Depending on the scenario, depends on the type of body language etiquette is suitable. Using your body language to show that you are open and inquisitive to potential friends or partners is a great way to seal a good first impression. However, with business and work associates it is important to express professionalism and dedication. For instance, slouching in a meeting is a big no no, it shows you are disinterested and not wanting to be there, however a slouchy stance in a social situation is not a big deal, being seen as feeling at ease and comfortable.


Remembering the name of whom you are speaking to or meeting is so important. It really sends a bad vibe and sets an awkward tone if you have to ask somebodies name more than once in a meeting. If you take anything away from your initial communication, make sure it’s a name and use it through out your first meeting, so that the person feels like you are being direct with them.


Is there anything more annoying than having a conversation with someone face to face and they’re deeply focused on their phones. In order to leave a good first impression you should be giving the person you are speaking with your full attention.


Smiling is infectious and is a powerful tool that must be used in order to make a good first impression. Smiling has been proven to do so much for our body language and can transform your stance with a flash of your cheeky grin.


Giving compliments costs literally nothing but it could make somebodies day, hence leaving a great first impression. It’s uplifting and an important social skill that allows you to channel positivity and kindness into your meeting.


If you don’t love or like yourself, how is anybody else supposed to? Looking after yourself by dressing well and having good hygiene will instantly leave a good impression. If you look good, you’ll feel good and it will give you an unmeasurable amount of self confidence.


Both equally important in mutual measure. Offer communication that is interesting and engaging, but also realise the importance of showing your interest in what the other person has to say too. Genuine interest speaks volumes and will leave a great first impression.

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