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3 Step Speedy Skincare Routine For Busy Women


3 Step Speedy Skincare Routine For Busy Women

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3 Step Speedy Skincare Routine For Busy Women

Speedy Skincare for those days when you’re short of time!

In the modern world, we struggle to find time for ourselves let alone looking after our skin properly. Does this mean you can’t have great skin though? Certainly not! When time is tight, this skincare routine is a game changer. Use this routine to get the most from every minute.


Although you may be using a makeup remover, then an oil cleanser, and then a water cleanser, try using a product that does it all. One great option is Lancome Creme Radiance, a cleanser used to gently remove makeup and get rid of any impurities. Use this in the morning or at night and rinse with lukewarm water as your first step.

Apply Toner

A toner is an often-skipped step but it only takes a few seconds of every day. The primary function of any toner is to neutralise the skin’s pH before using a moisturiser, but you can do double duty by using a toner that also exfoliates. Look for a toner that has either glycolic or lactic acid. You may be doing a twice a week exfoliation routine but this will add a fair amount of time getting ready and you may forget to exfoliate. The good news is that a toner with glycolic or lactic acid does the same thing. Make sure that you use a toner that matches your skin type to avoid over drying.

Moisturise and Protect

After you cleanse, it’s time to apply a basic moisturise. To get the most from this step, use a moisturise that contains an SPF so you’re both hydrating your skin and protecting it from damaging UV rays. Look for moisturisers that contain at least an SPF 30 for dermatologist-recommended protection. For a moisturiser that also improves your skin tone and appearance, choose one that contains hydraulic acid. This step will keep your skin looking great throughout the day.

If you’re getting ready to moisturise your skin before heading to bed, then you use the same moisturiser but you may want to consider a night time moisturiser that’s a little different. Skin cells regenerate at a faster rate while you sleep so consider a moisturiser that will support this. One potential option is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturiser. It supports newly replenished skin to make your morning routine simple.

Using these simple steps to get the most from every product. With this routine, you can significantly decrease your skincare time while getting the glowing skin you deserve!

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