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Are You Sabotaging Your Life?


Are You Sabotaging Your Life?

We all know someone who blames everyone but themselves for their problems. When works not great, it’s the company, and they can’t find love because nobody is worthy. We roll our eyes at these people and convince ourselves we aren’t like them but are we? You might not believe it, but you could be sabotaging your life. Here are some signs that you need to make changes.

Can I? I Don’t Know… No, I Can’t!

We all doubt ourselves, but when it comes to putting yourself down, do you deserve a medal? Staying in your comfort zone is like snuggling under a warm blanket, but sometimes we need to brace the cold to succeed. If you want to change your career, you need to put yourself out there. Sometimes we fear failure so much we hide away and convince ourselves we’re happy.

Love is Security

Some people cannot be single, and that’s a fact. They jump from relationship to relationship with no breathing space and emit signals of desperation. People who can’t be happy single, often have no self-esteem and need others to give them value. Living this way is dangerous because you don’t know who you are, or what you’re worth.

The movie, The Runaway Bride, has a classic scene where the main character changes how she likes her eggs cooked to fit her partner’s preferences. Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to date yourself and learn to love who you are. If you can’t remember the last time you were single, maybe it’s time to try.

Perfection Means Success

If you create unrealistic goals and beat yourself up when you fail, then it’s time to change your thinking. Filling your day planner with tasks, and spending hours each morning on your make up will only make you unhappy. Think about adjusting your goals to make them more achievable. Once you’re able to finish what you start, you’ll be a lot happier.

You Reject Others Before They Reject You

Your friends are in happy relationships while you’re trawling through Every time you meet someone, they aren’t right for you and love seems hopeless. When someone’s been hurt in the past, they reject others, so they don’t have to re-live that pain. The problem with this is you’re saved from short-term hurt but guaranteed long-term unhappiness.

Everything we do comes with a risk, but some are worth taking. Nobody can guarantee that a relationship will last forever, but people try because they want to experience love. Opening yourself up to a relationship means you can experience the giving, sharing, and partnership that make it worth the risk.

If you recognise these signs in your own behaviour, then be your own best friend. Learn about who you are, what you want and never be afraid to demand what you’re worth.

Hannah O'Neill

Hannah has over 15 years of experience providing content for blogs and online magazines. Currently, working as a freelance content writer for various outlets including three major media companies.

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