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Beauty Influencers Every Beauty Addict Needs To Follow


Beauty Influencers Every Beauty Addict Needs To Follow

Beauty influencers are a modern community of people who love beauty, makeup and skincare, and also share their thoughts and looks with their following. Instagram has become the pinnacle platform for influencers and if you are a beauty lover there really is no better platform to pluck inspiration from.  Whether you’re looking for a tutorial on winged eyeliner or inspiration for your skincare routine, look no further than our top picks of beauty influencers.

JAMIE GENEVIEVE @jamiegenevieve 

Youtuber and beauty influencer Jamie Genevieve was working as a makeup artist in MAC, when she decided to start posting looks to her Instagram profile. She also has been posting tutorials on YouTube for quite some time too, which has seen her grow an outstanding following on social media and YouTube. With a following of 1.1 million alone on Instagram, Jamie regularly works with well known brands like Benefit and Keihls and recently collaborated with Cult Beauty on a beauty box.

HOLLY BOON @hollyboon_

Holly is one of the most creative make up artists you will ever follow, with so many amazing, unique looks that every beauty lover will adore. Holly is known not only for her makeup talents, but her straight talking, honest posts resonating with many young girls, which is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for a more ‘relatable’ beauty influencer to follow. Holly has now branched out into running and building her own makeup empire with her new cosmetics line HNB Cosmetics.

CAROLINE HIRONS @carolinehirons

Caroline Hirons is a trusted and respected skincare expert and beauty influencer who focuses more on what skincare can do for you, rather than trying out different make up looks. She gives her blog readers and followers an insight into her skincare expertise with detailed, professional reviews of skincare products you won’t find elsewhere. She is also well known for collaborating with PIXI on a skincare product called ‘Double Cleanse’ that has been one of the brands biggest and fastest selling products.

LISA POTTER DIXON @lisapotterdixon

Lisa is one of the best and most respected makeup artists in the UK, she currently is Head Makeup Artist at Benefit UK. Lisa has just under 50k followers on Instagram sharing quick tips and industry secrets, as well as tutorials on her YouTube channel. She often does Instagram live feeds where she chats with other makeup artists, sharing techniques and doing more informal tutorials, ‘get ready’ videos. Lisa has also written TWO Sunday Times Best Selling books all about beauty and sharing her experience with her readers in the beauty industry.



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