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Is there anything better than looking back on old beauty trends, and thinking WHY? Well whilst it’s a guilty pleasure of ours, we’re not here to fill you with nostalgia in this post, but we are looking forward to the beauty trends of 2019. 2018 provided us with some absolute gems, and carried through some holy grails that will carry on way into the next decade – we’re looking at you winged eyeliner. But there are some more pressing issues to address in 2019, some that had begun to take shape in 2018 but have leaked, with good reason, into 2019.


A huge and the most important beauty trend for 2019 will be the continued efforts and continued development of creating sustainable products, and passing on plastic. The beauty industry is finally joining hands to make 2019 the year of change, and encouraging people to wake up to the poison plastic has become to our planet. Lush has always lead the way for change and sustainability in the beauty industry and are now introducing ‘naked products’, more solid solutions for shampoos, conditioners and more.

You can check out the movement and find more information on your favourite brands stance, by searching the hashtags #passonplastic and #waterlessbeauty on social media platforms.


More and more people are jumping on the skincare hype, purchasing and using a HUGE amount of skincare products to dream of achieving the ‘usually’ photo shopped skin they see on Instagram. Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning and these skincare binges are becoming less appealing – who has time to do a 15 step skincare routine anyway? Using more concentrated products with the right ingredients and the right research to develop skincare that can offer multiple step skin care routines in one bottle, and one application, will be HUGE in 2019.


Unless you’ve been under a rock for your entire life, you will know that the ignorance in the beauty industry when it comes to providing shades for people of colour, and even featuring a wide range of skin tones in beauty campaigns has been PEAK. Thank god, this ignorance seems to be fading, step by step, big brands are stepping out to offer more to everybody, with any skin tone. One of the most iconic steps forward was taken by, the Queen Rihanna, when she introduced her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line and created a shade range that caters for every single person and skin colour it possibly could. Her Pro Filtr foundation has become a holy grail product for so many, with a shade range of 40 colours. The movement shook the beauty industry and encouraged many others to follow in her legendary footsteps, for some there is still a LONG way to go, but 2019 will see more beauty brands step up.

It doesn’t stop at race though, the inclusion of more diverse models in general is a top priority for beauty brands, whether that is age inclusive, gender inclusive or more inclusive of disabled people, the movement is strengthening in 2019.


Wellness and feeling good inside, has slowly become connected with the beauty industry. Self care is so important and there is more and more attention drawn to the importance of loving yourself and taking time to look after yourself. Self care has been connected with the beauty industry more and more, which we think will continue to be a huge trend into 2019. A lot of brands are working on blurring the lines between health and beauty.

Beauty trends are constantly developing and we’re sure that there will be some unpredictable trends coming through in 2019.


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