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Christmas Stress Is Real – Here’s How To Stop Suffering This Christmas Season.


Christmas Stress Is Real – Here’s How To Stop Suffering This Christmas Season.

It is thought that we become up to 50% more stressed than usual in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Something that is supposed to be the ‘happiest time’ can become the most stressful and negative time for so many people. From Christmas shopping to keeping your kids occupied during the festive season, there is so much to consider. In this post we are sharing some top tips to minimise unnecessary stress and start enjoyed the Christmas period.


Probably the most obvious, yet least practised piece of advice is being organised. Leaving things to the last minute never made anybody feel good, so don’t let disorganisation be your downfall this holiday season.  Make lists of things that you need to do by Christmas, make lists of who you need to buy for and some inspiration on what they might like. Use the calendar on your smartphone to remember specific dates with alarm reminders set for them the day before so you don’t forget.


Being in the moment is something we all definitely take for granted thanks to social media and the expectations that come with that. Because did you really do something if you didn’t post it on Instagram? The answer is yes. Changing your outlook to prioritising how things make you feel instead of how they make you look, will enable you to fully experience the precious moments that Christmas provides.


All of us have parts of Christmas we love more than others, but with all the excitement can come unrealistic expectations. Be prepared for things not to go to plan, be prepared for that last minute gift you ordered to not turn up as promised. Be prepared for friends to cancel on Christmas drinks and be prepared for family to get on your nerves at times when you spend so much time together. Who knows? Everything could be a fairy tale, but the likelihood is minimal, keeping your expectations realistic reduces stress.


FOMO, also known as ‘fear of missing out’ is something we all experience once in a while. Christmas is prime time for parties and social invitations, but you don’t have to accept them all, especially if you’ve already got more than enough scheduled to be doing over the Christmas period. It’s hard to say no, but you have to think about what you can cope with and how it’s going to effect you – burning out will only ruin your Christmas.

There are so many ways to stop yourself getting stressed this Christmas, we standing by our top tips and if you’re needing further help this festive season, the mental health charity Mind have some more great ways to reduce stress too.

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