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Duchess Of Sussex Pregnancy – How Hard Can It Be To Conceive At 37?


Duchess Of Sussex Pregnancy – How Hard Can It Be To Conceive At 37?

The recent news of Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, being pregnant at the age of 37 years has come both as a surprise and delight to many people in the UK and the US.

This is because the announcement came approximately five months since her wedding with Prince Harry on 19th May 2018, and they claimed to have experienced no problems conceiving. With Meghan being over the age of 35 years, her chances of conceiving naturally have started declining. Biologically, the chances of a woman conceiving per cycle fall to just 5% from approximately 20%.
Fertility rates decline steadily for women after the age of 35. However, if women in their late thirties ovulate regularly, they can conceive naturally. Men’s age also impacts on their fertility.

Therefore, if you experience a decline in fertility in your mid to late thirties, you should not panic. This highlights the importance of both men and women to become aware of the impact age has on their fertility, and how one can improve their chances of conceiving in their later years.

So, Is It Easy to Conceive Naturally At 37 and How Can One Improve Their Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Just like Meghan, one can conceive naturally at 37, but there are a couple of things you need to do to maintain your chances of getting pregnant in your late thirties. For instance, maintaining optimal weight- this means keeping your weight within a healthy BMI (body mass index). Also, eating nutritious, balanced diets, and quitting smoking all contribute to better fertility.

In addition, you need to understand your circle to know when you are ovulating so that you can have sex during that window. This, too, can greatly enhance your chances of getting pregnant.

Importance of Knowing Your ‘Fertility Window’
If you want to have a child or have been trying unsuccessful, it is important that you speak with a medical practitioner to know your options. In many cases, a GP will carry out a simple fertility test that may provide you with crucial information. Fertility test will help you know your chances of conceiving to help you make informed decisions before it is too late.

This makes fertility test more of a crucial move to help couples make an informed decision. In many cases, this test enables couples to avoid fertility treatment.

Options for Women Who Want to Delay Their Pregnancy
There has been an increase in the number of women who want to have babies after the age of 37 years, and the reasons are quite apparent. For instance, more women are pursuing their careers and thus using contraceptive technology to help them control when they want to get pregnant. There is also the factor of cost of raising a family, or the simple fact of not finding a compatible partner until mid-thirties.
Therefore, the trend of women getting pregnant at 37 like Meghan will continue. Many women are likely to conceive within a year if they’re having sex at least twice a week. However, a good number will struggle to conceive at the age due to the decreasing odds of conceiving and thus will seek fertility assistant.
That’s why it is important that women become aware of different options when it comes to fertility treatments available to them. Treatments are tailored to suit your circumstances and thus there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

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