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Failed to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions? Fear Not –It’s Never Too Late to Start Again


Failed to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions? Fear Not –It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

If you’ve been struggling to get through the first few weeks of the new year, having all but forgotten those 2019 New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll be glad to hear you aren’t alone! Anyone who’s made resolutions at the very beginning of a year will most likely tell you how they’ve failed to commit to them a few weeks later down the line. But little do people realize this could be the best thing that’s happened to them!

The New Year’s Already in Full Swing

Many of us prefer to start a new year with a clean slate and a blank page. But when you factor in the impending slump after the massive focus on Christmas Day, the period afterward usually turns out to be a huge letdown. January through to early February seemingly offers nothing but lousy weather, an overdrawn bank account, a couple of extra pounds gained throughout the festivities, or a job that no longer holds our enthusiasm.

It’s little wonder that any new resolutions made at the most stressful and often depressing time of the year are unlikely to ever go the distance.

Now’s the Time to Set New Challenges

In the next few weeks, most of us will find our moods beginning to lighten. The Christmas festivities well and truly behind us, the hint of better weather to come begins to draw our attention to the impending holiday season. There’s therefore never been a better time than right now to start working on making those necessary changes to our lives.

Just as spring is rearing its head, so too is our renewed sense of energy and purpose once again. However, this time around, rather than make and label resolutions, think of them instead as goals and aspirations.

Make a list of what you want to achieve now and work on shaking off those negative thoughts, feeling of sluggishness, replacing them with vibrant ideas for those areas of your life that could do with a complete overhaul.

Start Straight Away and Work Your Way Towards Happiness

  • Fed up in your current work role? Print off the requirements for the position you really want and make a plan of action to work towards it, pinning this on the fridge. Try your hand at some online courses, such as Skillshare, Udemy or Future Learn, for example, to get your motivation kick-started.
  • Want to take up a new hobby? Why not write down an entire list of interests and try out a new one each month? A creative project can get those inspirational juices flowing and really give you a passion that you begin to look forward to.
  • Want to increase your fitness levels but don’t want to commit to the repetitiveness of the gym? Take up a physical activity that is purely just for fun, such as roller skating, line dancing or even freestyling!

It’s never too late to make plans for a better year, and you don’t even have to wait another twelve months to give it a go!

Having worked in the Finance industry for over a decade, Clair went back to University and gained a BA Hons Degree in English Literature. She is now a freelance writer that writes for websites and miscellaneous publications across a broad range of topics.

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