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Fashion predictions for 2020


Fashion predictions for 2020

Can you believe that we’ve entered a new decade? Does this mean that’ll be all start dressing like we’re in the 20s again?

With this, I’m hoping to see some dramatic fashion changes. So, I’ve dived into some of the fashion predictions for 2020, and I’m pretty excited about it.

The return of the peplum-style top

Well, we all remember when these were super popular, right? They seem to be making a big comeback for spring 2020.

These ingenious tops are super flattering, especially for the abdominal area.

These can be dressed up for the evening and dressed down for the day time.

It’s all about leather

Of course, it doesn’t have to be real leather – fashion has loads of faux alternatives. They look just as good, too.

It’s not just leather jackets, though. 2020 will see leather shorts, dresses, and even shirts. Not only that, we’ll see it in an array of exciting colours.

So, your black leather jacket might still look cool, but it’s all about the red leather dress in 2020.

Puffed sleeves aren’t going anywhere

The puffed sleeve trend will continue to be a popular trend, and I’m not complaining.

Of course, in the new decade, new designs and variations will appear. You’ll see more structured types of puffed sleeves, as well as more dainty sheer ones.

The 1970s are returning

As we go forward, fashion seems to be taking a trip to the past. While it’s always expected that fashion does a complete 360, I’m super excited about the return of the 70s.

Specifically, it’s the prints and patterns that are making a comeback. That’s definitely something to be excited about.

Many stylists have suggested that bell-bottom pants will make a return. Let me know if you’re happy about this one.

Loafers are still a great option

You don’t have to put your loafers to the back of your closet, just yet. They’re still looking to be a popular option.

In fact, they don’t seem to have ever died down.

The good news about this? You can expect to see more exciting and fresh alterations of the loafer. Perhaps we’ll get chunky, sleek or classic ones.

The disco collar

I did say that the 70s have returned – the disco collar is proof of this.

It’s been modernised a tiny bit, making its way to coats, button-downs and jackets.

Make sure that your disco collar has contrasting colours. What’s the point of a dramatic collar if it doesn’t make a massive impact?

Crochet is cool, now

This isn’t the kind of crochet done by your grandparents. It’s had a super cool update.

Imagine feminine dresses, evening wear, and even structured suiting.

Crochet should be something you embrace – especially as we try to opt for more sustainable, handmade options.

Don’t worry, crochet clothes don’t exclusively belong on the beach. There’s lots of streetwear and red carpet crochet looks.


Here are just a few ideas of what you can expect to see in 2020. No doubt there will be surprise additions, and crazy red carpet looks to look forward to.

What are your favourite 2020 trend expectations?

Katie is an experienced blogger with a long writing experience for articles, features and essay writing. She also have a deep understanding and passion for online PR, helping many companies manage their online PR on a day-to-day basis.

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