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Getting Married? Our Top Tips For Budgeting


Getting Married? Our Top Tips For Budgeting

Whether you have booked your wedding or yet to, budgeting and becoming a savvy saver can be essential for the success of your wedding day and wedding plans. Everybody wants to achieve their dream wedding day and making it possible can take some serious sacrifices and discipline. In this post we will be sharing our expert tips on budgeting for your dream wedding & honeymoon.


First things first, get organised and have a clear understanding of what you’re working with by making a spreadsheet. Add in your incomes, your outgoings and what you can afford to save. After you have worked out your saving abilities, work out what you expect to pay for each item or service you want at your wedding. You should end up with an overall idea of how much your wedding is going to cost.


Being realistic is so important when it comes to planning a wedding, and if you start out realistic, you will save yourself a lot of stress and disappointment when the fairytale doesn’t pull through. By all means, live your best fairytale wedding but be realistic with your budget and be savvy wherever you can. Your spreadsheet will give you cold, hard evidence of what you’re working with and anything beyond that becomes impossible if you’ve squeezed out every cut back you possibly can. Don’t feel disheartened by your budget if it is smaller than you anticipated, be clever and take the challenge on to create you dream wedding within the walls of your budget.


There are so many pre-loved wedding websites, shops and social media groups that offer pre-loved wedding items at a discount. If you can sacrifice some areas of your budget to pre loved wedding items, not only could you save a pretty penny but you could allocate the money you save in those areas to the more ambitious and expensive items and services you want for your wedding. Saving here and there, to make a bigger budget for the areas of your wedding budget that could use a bigger cash injection is a common frugality for people planning their weddings.


When it comes to the guest list the cost of the price per head can escalate fast, and you may find yourself spending more than you bargained for if you’re not strict and keep it together. Make sure you stay on top of your guest list to avoid going over your budget with extra guests and plus ones.



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