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Healthier Eating Habits That Are Life Changing


Healthier Eating Habits That Are Life Changing

Make these small changes to your eating habits to live a healthier and happier lifestyle…

We are all striving to be healthier whether that is weight loss, weight gain or to prolong our lives. Everyone subconsciously wants to live a life without a health bump in the road. Unfortunately that is almost never the case. Adopting healthier eating habits can help to decrease those health risks, and potential issues you can face in life. In this post we will be exploring and discovering the healthier eating habits that will not only help to achieve your body goals, but also help you become a healthier, happy person for longer.


Restricting yourself from eating certain foods is not a sustainable way to live. Instead of restricting food groups, restrict your intake. You can have your cake and eat it too, you just don’t need to eat three at once. Portion sizing can make a massive difference to your diet. With over indulging is the only thing that you should be restricting.


Meal planning can make a huge difference to your diet and help you establish a routine, which inevitably becomes a habit. Planning meals has been proven to decrease the likelihood of you falling off the wagon, and making unhealthy choices. You can meal plan a week in advance or sit down every morning to plan your meals, and there are many products out there that offer.


One of the most common ways that people ruin their healthy eating lifestyles is by not taking lunch to work. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, is a saying that could not be more fitting for this common downfall. If you’re are one of those people – meal prepping is your new best friend. Meal prep on a Sunday and freeze your lunches for a set meal packed with nutrition at your fingertips.


Forget big breakfast and think big lunch. You are at the peak of digestion in the middle of the day, so it is better to eat a bigger, more filling meal at lunchtime than it is to pack it all in at breakfast time. However, a big meal doesn’t insinuate you can eat a huge burger and chips, instead you should take this opportunity to pack in as much nutrition as you can, leafy greens, protein and natural carbohydrates are the perfect choice for your lunch.


Another thing you don’t need to restrict yourself on is snacking, as long as you do it right. We are all guilty of snacking at our desks and before bed, but if you do it right it can be beneficial to your healthy lifestyle. Greek yoghurt, nuts and fruit are awesome alternatives to the unhealthy snacks commonly associated with snack time. You should aim for no more than three 100 calorie snacks a day.

FOLLOW 80/20…

One of the best rules that nutritionists like to live by is the 80/20 rule. This means you eat clean and healthy for 80% of the time and have cheats and treats only 20% of the time. This rule has been proven to improve the metabolism and weight loss of many consciously exercising this rule. Don’t put too much emphasis on the percentages but a fair way to go is by eating healthy Monday – Friday and eating well but adding a few treats over the weekend, or you can save it all for one weekend cheat meal.

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