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Long-Distance Relationships – How To Make Them Work?


Long-Distance Relationships – How To Make Them Work?

Sometimes you meet a person, and the connection you have with them means nothing else matters, right? While most individuals refuse to entertain the idea of a long-distance relationship, others embrace them. However, is it ever going to work? 

Technology such as Skype, Facebook, and What’s App mean it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with people for free. The days of expensive phone calls and snail mail are long gone, so why do so many people struggle to maintain their long-distance relationship?

Why Do Long-Distance Relationships Fail? 

Speaking to your loved one is fine, but the lack of physical connection is the main reason long-distance relationships fail. As human beings, we’re geared towards intimacy, which is difficult to achieve through a phone or computer screen. People in long-distance relationships often worry their other half is cheating on them, which can cause arguments. 

The fact is, two people in a long-distance relationship have to really want to make it work. With busy social lives, hectic work schedules and temptation everywhere, long-distance relationships leave many people saying “never again!” However, if you want your relationship to succeed, here are some tips from the experts. 


Create Physical Intimacy 


Skype, FaceTime, and What’s App are great, but they’ll never replace physical intimacy. You may not be able to see your partner all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them close. Send each other items of clothing, such as a t-shirt to increase the physical connection you share. Another great tip is to spray the other person’s perfume or cologne on a pillow. 

Show your partner you care and send them surprise gifts. Something as simple as a box of chocolates makes all the difference. Remember, technology is great, but it also means keeping in touch is simple. Going the extra mile will ease your partner’s insecurity and strengthen your bond. 

Get on The Same Page 

Long-distance relationships can only work if the two of you have an end goal. You need to consider why the relationship is long distance, and what the future holds. Work and college are the main reasons people enter into long-distance relationships, but what are your relationship goals? 

People fear to have “the talk” but it’s crucial if you want your relationship to survive. Perhaps one of you views the separation as a short-term thing, while the other enjoys the distance. If the two of you aren’t on the same page, there’s no reason to continue the relationship unless you can find some common ground. 

Focus On The Small Things 

When you don’t get to see your partner regularly, you want to make every moment together count, right? However, this could cause damage to your relationship as it isn’t realistic. Relationships that last focus on everyday life and make time for special occasions. Ask your partner what they had for lunch, how their day at work was and other things you might think are unnecessary. 

Make time for birthdays, anniversaries and enjoy yourselves when you’re together. You may only get to see your partner every three months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do ordinary things like grocery shopping. 

Don’t Make Sacrifices 

Long-distance relationships always require some sacrifices but don’t lose out on life. The moment you stop seeing friends to speak to your partner is the moment your relationship will fail. Set aside specific times with your partner and make sure you both stick to them. Just as you need a work-life balance, you should find one with your relationship too. 

If you cancel plans with your friends and your partner doesn’t, it could lead to feelings of resentment and arguments. Relationships work best when both people have space, so don’t rely on your partner for happiness, because you’ll miss having a social life. 

Trust Your Partner 

When we don’t see our partners every day, our mind can run wild. If you spend your time wondering what your other half is doing, and who they’re doing it with then it’s time to evaluate whether you can get over your trust issues. We all know that trust is the most important aspect of every relationship, but jealousy and insecurity affect all of us at some point. 

Refrain from checking up on your partner and understand that sometimes life can get in the way. You both have commitments outside of the relationship, so never jump to the worst conclusion and give your partner space. If you accuse a person of cheating, they’re more inclined to do it. 

Talk Because You Want To 

There’s no point in contacting your partner because you feel you should. Talk to them when you miss hearing their voice, or you have a question but try to keep a healthy distance. Nobody has the time to send messages all day, and speaking 24/7 soon becomes boring. Speak to your partner and decide what is normal for both of you. 

We all have different needs but the best thing about relationships is two people can make their own rules. For example, maybe you like to keep in regular touch with your partner, but they’re happy with a weekly phone call. Tell your partner than a morning text message means a lot to you and attempt to give them the space they need too. 

Be Positive 

Nobody likes negativity, so don’t let your worries ruin your relationship. Friends and family might tell you that long-distance relationships never work, but you have to keep an open mind. Talking with your partner about the relationship failing will cause it to fail, so don’t be afraid to put some hope and faith in your situation. 

Relationships fail for several reasons, and long-distance connections have every hope of succeeding if you want them to. Talk to your partner, decide how to approach the relationship and work together to make it last.  

Have you ever tried a long-distance relationship? Let us know about it in the comments!

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