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Megxit: Everything We Know About Meghan & Harry’s Decision to Step Away From Royalty


Megxit: Everything We Know About Meghan & Harry’s Decision to Step Away From Royalty

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines when they announced their decision to step away from their current roles as members of The Royal Family. A meeting of The Royal Family was held in January 2020 to outline how Harry and Meghan’s transition out of the Royal Family would take place.

BBC: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and baby Archie


Why The Change?

According to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official website sussexroyal.com, the couple’s wish to step away stems from a desire for more independence as a family. This includes being able to work in careers unconnected to their Royal duties, which is not allowed in their current positions within The Royal Family.

Since the birth of their son Archie, the couple also wishes to reduce the amount of media intrusion into their private life. Although their decision has initially caused more media interest, once their roles within The Royal Family have legally changed, it will be harder for the media to use ‘public interest’ as an excuse for intrusion into their private matters.

How Will The Change Take Place?

The Duck and Duchess of Sussex’s transition from their Royal duties will begin on April 1st 2020. The transition will take 12-months with a review at the end.

What Will Change?

Buckingham Palace


1. The couple will no longer have an office in Buckingham Palace. According to sussexroyal.com the couple informed their staff personally and have worked out individual plans to ensure staff are treated fairly in the transition.


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A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on Feb 5, 2020 at 11:02am PST

2. They will need to drop the word ‘Royal’ from their social media and website branding in order to comply with the UK Government’s rules on the use of the word ‘Royal’.

3. The couple will be able to earn their own income instead of receiving funding from the Sovereign Grant. There has been some confusion over the Sovereign Grant, so here are some facts and figures of how the grant worked in 2018-2019 as explained on sussexroyal.com.

BBC: Soverign Grant Infographic


  • The Queen gave approximately £329 million from the Crown Estate to the government.
  • Approx £82 million of this was then returned to The Royal Family in the form of the Sovereign Grant in order to fund official expenditure.
  • UK taxpayers pay approx £1 per head per year to fund the British Monarchy.
  • The Royal Family brings in approx £1.8 billion a year to the UK in tourism revenue.
  • If you want to learn more about the Sovereign Grant click here.
Invictus Games Foundation

IMAGE CREDIT: INVICTUS GAMES FOUNDATION. Harry will still be able to maintain his patronage for Invictus Games.

4. Harry and Meghan will no longer perform official Royal duties but will still be able to act as patronages for the charities they support. These include the Invictus Games Foundation and Wellchild.

5. Harry and Meghan plan to set up a new non-profit organisation. This non-profit will not be connected officially to The Royal Family and will not use the word ‘Royal’ in branding.

6. Whilst the couple will still be formally known as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they will no longer actively use the Her and His Highness titles once the transition is complete.

7. Due to their public profiles and Harry’s military service, security will still be required to protect the couple and baby Archie.

BBc: Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones on their Wedding day, 1999

IMAGE CREDIT: BBC.  Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones on their Wedding day, 1999.

Why Is There a 12-Month Review?

Unlike other Royals who have been able to sustain independent careers, Harry and Meghan’s position in The Royal Family has made it necessary to implement a 12-month review. This precaution has likely been put in place due to the 2001 ‘Sophie Tapes’ scandal in which a News of the World journalist was able to record private conversations between himself, the Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie) and her public relations partner, Murray Harkin, which included Sophie’s private information and views on members of The Royal Family.

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