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Meryl Streep Should Be Your Role Model – Here’s Why!


Meryl Streep Should Be Your Role Model – Here’s Why!

We live in a culture of reality TV, and internet celebrities. Katie Price recently stated she’d like Hollywood sex symbol Carmen Electra to portray her in an autobiographical movie. Who would pay to watch a movie about Katie Price? The truth is many people would.

Many of us wonder what led us to this celebrity culture, and reality TV is to blame. The days of powerhouse role models like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are long behind us, but there is some hope. Meryl Streep reminds us that real talent exists and we’re advocating for women to turn to her for some life lessons. Here’s why Meryl Streep should be your role model.

She Didn’t Seek Fame

Meryl never planned to be an actress and fame was of no interest to her. In fact, she had planned to join the UN and become a translator. However, her interest in understanding the actions and feelings of others lead her to a career in acting. While most actresses enjoy walking down the red carpet in the latest designer freebie, Meryl enjoys telling stories and impacting the lives of others.

She Loves Her Body and Wants You to Love Yours…

Hollywood is a difficult business, especially for women. They’re expected to fulfill society’s perceptions of perfection and the pressure to be a size zero is overwhelming. Meryl doesn’t buy into the obsession with being thin and is proud of her body as it is. She has also done interviews where she has talked about positive body image.

Her Characters Are Legendary

Watching a Meryl Streep movie is like entering another world. Meryl becomes each character and her diverse acting skills are admired by all of Hollywood. She played an evil politician in The Manchurian Candidate, a stern nun in Doubt and sang her heart out in Mamma Mia.

One of her most famous roles is her Oscar-winning portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Her awe-inspiring transformation showed how talented she is and cemented her as a Hollywood legend.

Family Comes First

You’d think with fame, money and countless admirers, Meryl would indulge in a lavish lifestyle. However, the actress is known for being down to earth and puts her family above everything else. Her marriage to Don Gummer has lasted for over 40 years and the pair have four children together. It’s rare to see them in tabloids or gossip magazines and they prefer being a normal family.

Women’s Rights Matter

Many actresses find that as they get older, the roles disappear, but not Meryl. Her acting talents have opened doors for other actresses and she still gets offered starring roles despite her age. Meryl won’t let age stop her, and it’s her defiance to conform to Hollywood’s standards that earns her so much respect.

Womens rights are important to Meryl and she wasn’t afraid to speak out when Trump was elected. Her dedication to improving the world for women has lead to her speaking at many important events and being a voice for women everywhere.

Meryl Streep is a strong, decisive, modest woman who symbolises everything celebrity culture should be. Disagree? Let us know in the comment section.


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