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Six Of The Craziest Festivals In The World You Need To See


Six Of The Craziest Festivals In The World You Need To See

Festivals are about a group of people gathering to celebrate their common interests. We associate festivals with music or religion, but they’re not just for spiritual reasons. If you’re an avid traveller, then you can’t miss these events. From the weird to the wonderful and plain outrageous, here are some of the craziest festivals in the world.


In Finland, they combine good old-fashioned chivalry with a sport, as men compete to see who can carry their wife the furthest. The 253.5-meterlong course hasobstacles such as an icy pool. The rule in this competition is “All the participants must have fun-just don’t drop your wife”. Men race through the course to win the ultimate prize; their wife’s weight in beer! If you want to see this weird event, or take part in it, visit Finland in July. Here’s a video to get you in the mood.




We all love monkeys and enjoy watching their cheeky behaviour. Thailand is a country of majestic beauty, friendly natives and one of the most unique festivals in the world. Every year the people layout a feast for their mischievous Monkeys. The Monkey Buffet takes place in November and the organisers supply 4000 kg of fruit for the monkeys to devour. Monkey costumes, dancing, and music are all part of the event which takes place in 10th Century temples. Animal lovers won’t be able to resist tearing up at the Monkeys enjoying the buffet.


The Spaniards are sensual, seductive and sophisticated so their baby festival is surprising to us! The festival takes place every year in Castillo De Murcia and it involves lying babies on a blanket for competitors to jump over them. While watching people jump over babies won’t appeal to most people, the festival attracts thousands of people each year. There have been no serious injuries yet, so let’s hope it stays that way.


Japanese people are quirky and we love them for it. If you’ve ever watched Japanese TV, then you’ll know nothing is too outrageous for them. The Kanamara Matsuri Festival celebrates all things phallic. Imagine penis shaped lollipops, monuments and many souvenirs. You can also take part in a workshop and learn how to create phallic shapes out of vegetables. Probably not a skill to show your in-laws!


People from all over the world travel to Wales to make their way through a murky bog. Equipped with snorkels and fins, they battle their way through the filthy 120-yard course. It takes a brave person to take part in the Bog Snorkelling Championships as you can see here.


Could you be as happy as a Korean in mud? Head to Boryeong in July and find out! The festival has loads of mud based activities and it’s great fun to join in if you don’t mind getting messy. Activities include zip-lining, inflatables and mud-wrestling. Youcan also enjoy an impressive firework display and there’s some fantastic live music.

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