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Summer Sun 2019: Where to Go This Year


Summer Sun 2019: Where to Go This Year

Finally, the dark evenings are over and we’re looking forward to summer. British summers can’t compete with other countries. Rain and clouds still fill those sunny days, so we head abroad to top up our tan. These destinations are perfect for a 2019 summer holiday.

European Holidays

Not a fan of long-haul flights? These European holidays offer sun, sea, sand, and culture.

Kvarner Bay – Croatia

Croatia is new on the holiday hotspot scene, which is ideal if you enjoy a quiet holiday. Forget searching for a free spot of sand and enjoy the peace and beauty of this idyllic location. Kvarner Bay has plenty to offer, including activities, bars, restaurants, and swimming.



Things to Do

History lovers will enjoy exploring the many castles in this region. Think ancient ruins, stunning ballrooms and you’ll understand why Rijeka is becoming one of the best 2019 summer holiday choices.

You can take day trips to the different Croatian islands, or enjoy shopping in Opatija. Not interested in sightseeing? The regions stunning, sandy beaches are among the best in Europe.

Cost: Starting at £485 PP

Barcelona – Spain

We have to ask, why do so many Brits visit the Costa Del Sol when Barcelona offers so much?! Natives consider Barcelona to be Spain’s most vibrant city with stunning art, culture, food, and beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect 2019 summer holiday, then check out Barcelona.


Things to Do

Tour around the city by bike, helicopter, and boat trips or book a walking tour. Barcelona has a rich history and you can’t miss a trip to the many museums, ruins, and galleries.

Families can enjoy visiting the water parks or relax on the beach. Yes, Barcelona has plenty of beaches and some of them are beautiful. Then there are the Tapas restaurants and world famous Paella.

Cost: Prices vary, but for young travellers, hostels offer cheap accommodation.

Santorini – Greece.

Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world, due to its unique buildings. Going to Santorini is almost like living in a Disney movie. However, the volcanic island has so much more than aesthetic appeal to offer.

Things to Do

Natives believe that Santorini is in fact, the lost city of Atlantis. After you’ve witnessed the city from the top of Nea Kameni, you might agree. The ancient volcano is responsible for Santorini’s rugged landscape, and the view is indescribable.

You can experience some unique beaches, including the Kokkini Paralia Red Beach. Swim with the wildlife and enjoy the many spas offering traditional treatments. With Greek cuisine, nighttime walks and pretty bars, you won’t get bored in Santorini.

Cost: Prices start from £280 PP

Porto – Portugal

Porto is a cultural alternative to Lisbon and a quieter destination than the popular Algarve. The beautiful little port city is home to multiple wineries and restaurants. In fact, people visit Porto to sample exquisite cuisine.

Things to Do

Portugal stayed neutral in World War II, which means you’ll be able to view some fantastic historical sites that are still intact. Many have been re-purposed into wine cellars, and connoisseurs have plenty of opportunities to taste Porto’s unique wine offerings.

The Praia de Matosinhos beach is just minutes away from the city centre, or you can rent a car and drive to some of Portugal’s most idealistic beaches. From cobbled streets, and quaint little shops to Porto’s nightclubs and bars, you’ll never forget this holiday.

Cost: Prices start from £159 PP

Exotic Destinations

If you feel like indulging in some luxury, these long-haul destinations are perfect for your 2019 summer holiday.

Bali – Indonesia

Bali is one of the world’s most exotic destinations, and thousands of people travel to the island each year. With some of the most gorgeous beaches, amazing food, and awe-inspiring nature, it’s easy to see why Bali is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.

Things to Do

The island is known for its dining experience and has plenty of restaurants to choose from. However, don’t forget to visit the volcanoes, jungle and historical sites around Bali. One of the top attractions in Bali is Tanah Lot temple.

It is difficult to tear yourself away from the white, sandy beaches and the crystal clear water. Snorkelling in Bali is an unforgettable experience, and wildlife lovers will enjoy interacting with the island animals.

Cost: Prices start at £1000 PP

Seychelles – Indian Ocean

The incomparable beauty of the Seychelles makes it our top pick for your 2019 summer holiday. Think clear waters, stunning scenery with white beaches and you’ll see why people visit this African island group.

Things to Do

Animal loves will enjoy visiting the Seychelles, as it’s famed for its wildlife. There are plenty of nature reserves and opportunities to interact with the animals. If you’re more of a culture lover, head to the capital, Victoria. You’ll find a natural history museum and a fantastic market.

If you’re looking for a luxurious holiday, with an abundance of beautiful nature, then the Seychelles is the place for you.

Cost: Prices start at £1500 PP

Barbados – Caribbean

Barbados is a timeless holiday destination, and many of us Brits flock to the exotic Caribbean Island every year. One of the most inviting aspects of Barbados is the friendly locals, who make you feel at home. Add in great food, cocktails and sandy beaches and you’ve got the perfect 2019 summer holiday!

Things to Do

Barbados is best for people that want to enjoy a relaxing break and take it easy. The Caribbean way of life is laid back and you’ll find this “take it as it comes” approach refreshing. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, or taking part in the activities hotels offer.

If you want to explore the island, there are some great sites, including local markets, nature reserves and much more. Spend your evenings enjoying local music and food at one of the many all-inclusive hotels in the area.

Cost: Prices start at £650 per person

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