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The Best Ways To Wear Animal Prints

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The Best Ways To Wear Animal Prints

Animal print looks like it is here to stay for autumn & winter, louder than ever!

Autumn/Winter 2018 is finally here. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and venture a bit into the wild. Whether it’s that dress, shoes or bikini, you don’t want to repeat the obvious—wear something you feel good in. This season, fierce animal prints are in vogue with designers championing from snake to leopard and even zebra prints. The secret to wearing animal prints comes down to one simple unwritten rule—knowing how to wear it. Below are the tips and best ways to wear animal prints in A/W 2018.

Embrace the Mix-Match Style

You may not be used to clashing prints, but you’ll love how subtle it looks to mix-match them. A monochrome leopard-print shirt goes pretty well with a tan zebra-print pleat midi skirt.
Additionally, if you prefer a no-holds-barred style, the revisit the 80s look. Try out a leopard print trouser and complement it with red leather boots. It is quite acceptable.
Alternatively, you can go for a leopard print trench with denim blue jeans and a white shirt. It will still sing your tune out. You can also embrace something simple like a white top and a leopard print slip skirt. Complement the look with some neutral boots or sandals and still bring a sophisticated outfit.

Treat all animal prints as neutrals

Remember that zebra and leopard prints were designed to work together. This may not be the combination you expected, but these two tones feature an element of neutrality. Try augmenting them with your everyday outfit like stylish trench coats and colour – block sweaters. Leopard print, for instance, is a neutral treat that you can undoubtedly match with other prints in your wardrobe. Checks and stripes are pretty good although you can pick any elegant pattern.

Bright Colours have resurfaced

It’s surprising how the 2018 animal print trend comes. Bright colours shouldn’t sound unapproachable because it’s a game changer. If you love fashion, then you’ll want to dress in a fun and alluring manner. Try a zebra-print top and an oversized minimalistic silhouette dress and see how well they match. It adds just the right amount of pop to any outfit. It shouldn’t cower you provided you follow simple rule—anchor it with other neutral accessories and keep your top or pant customised.

Snakeskin is quite luxurious

Want to look expensive? Snakeskin is the way to go. It brings a luxurious feel, and you can clash it with other edgy and creative prints. Snakeskin feels excellent when accompanied by black. You can use it as a pop print to make other simple outfits appear lavish.

Leopard with more leopard print looks incredible
More of one colour is the biggest worry you’ll have to battle with, but it’s surprising that fashion says you embrace it. Get inspiration from Giovanna Engelbert. Leopard-print dress with other leopard accessories such as handbags, jewellery and shoes still bring out the look.

It’s time to forget all the trashy preconceptions you may have heard about animal prints. This season, things are entirely different. Whether animal prints have been your way of fashion or not, it’s time to express your wild side with the above 2018 trendy animal print tips.

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