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What Can We Learn From The Amazing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


What Can We Learn From The Amazing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

If you haven’t heard about Jacinda Ardern, you’re in for such a treat. She has been teaching other leaders (and non-leaders) SO many lessons, especially recently with the heart-wrenching pandemic issue. 

So, what can we learn from Jacinda Ardern? We’re so grateful to have her as a role model right now. 

The coronavirus

Of course, the virus was completely unprecedented. However, it’s evidently clear that some countries have been hit worse than others – usually as a result of the leadership.

Jacinda Ardern has been applauded by senior academics for how she handled COVID-19. By simply showing empathy and also listening to health experts, rather than politicians and economists. 

Many countries have failed drastically because they have placed profit before people. I think we can all learn a lesson from this – people before profit. Health over monetary aspects.

New Zealand was able to eliminate the virus from the country by late April. What a difference.

Solidarity is so important

A series of terrorist attacks broke the heart of New Zealand in 2019.

Instead of allowing these attacks to cause division and more hatred, Jacinda Ardern showed that there is so much strength with showing solidarity. 

On a large scale, terrorist attacks are usually performed to create hatred and division. While they cause so much heartbreak, Jacinda Ardern showed that hate is not the way to lead. We can achieve more with love and tangible solutions. 

Actually listening to feedback

We all know that politicians can’t accept criticism or listen to feedback. Jacinda Ardern is so incredibly unique for this. 

For example, she listened to employers when they suggested a four-day working week, allowing workers and employees to know the fact that it is their choice if they go through with that.

She really listens to what people have to say because ultimately she is the voice of the people.

Keeping it cool at all times

There are many examples of this, to be honest, but most notably is how she kept her composure when an earthquake hit.

I haven’t finished – it hit while on a live television appearance. She was cool, collected, and even cracked a few jokes. That’s an important lesson for everybody, really.

Incorporating motherhood into her career

All too often, women are told to choose between having a family and having a career. Jacinda Ardern proves that you can do both. 

Actually, she’s the second world leader to ever give birth and take maternity leave while in office. That’s life and a really cool bit of representation.

Keeping everybody informed

Many people feel like their government aren’t telling people everything.

Jacinda Ardern ensures that communicates with the general public frequently. Basically, clear communication is imperative. 

Uniting is powerful

One clear message from Jacinda Ardern is that there is power in numbers. Divisions in a country, group, or even relationships aren’t healthy and lead to more problems. 


Well, I hope you learnt a tiny lesson from Jacinda Ardern, the amazing leader. Even if that’s just what standards to hold your own leaders to. 

Katie Anderton

Katie is an experienced blogger with a long writing experience for articles, features and essay writing. She also have a deep understanding and passion for online PR, helping many companies manage their online PR on a day-to-day basis.

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